Monday, September 24, 2007

Adobe updates Photoshop, Premiere Elements

The new Photoshop Elements, Adobe's "lite" version of its expensive image editing software, adds new organizational tools and the ability to batch edit a group of phots. It also incorporates geography tagging, which allows users to mark where the image was taken. There is integration with Yahoo to incorporate a map into a selection of pictures.

Additionally, it adds a "photomerge" tool, which lets users go through multiple photos to select the best picture of a group of people, and merge them together into one image to create the best possible group photo.

The new Premiere Elements, focused on video editing, also tacks on new organizational functions. Users can import a batch of clips and have the software automatically string them together with stylistic integration. It also adds a new audio mixer, which according to Adobe will make it easier for background music to jive with video effects.

Each piece of software is available for around $100, and a package deal for both has been set for a retail price of around $150.

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