Thursday, September 13, 2007

AMD unveils Barcelona

AMD caught up with its rival Intel in launching quad-core processors for servers with Barcelona, the latest chip in the Operon x86 processor family. Quad-core processors have four distinct central processing units, on a single silicon slab, working simultaneously — making applications run faster, regulating power intake and increasing performance efficiency.

Last week, Intel announced that its Xeon series of processors were available for data centres. “It differs from Barcelona in that the latter is ‘native’ quad-core. Barcelona has four individual cores wired separately instead of two dual-core processors slapped onto the single die,” said Mr Vamsi Krishna, Technical Manager, AMD India. It also unleashes new power-saving technologies built over its Direct Connect architecture, such as: CoolCore, which turns unused blocks of the processor off; the Independent Dynamic Core Technology, which can vary the clock frequency of each core depending on the requirement of the applications; and dual dynamic power management.

which provides an independent power supply to the cores and to the memory controller, allowing the cores and memory controllers to operate on different voltages, determined by usage and workload.

This will reduce the TCO total cost of ownership and lower power consumption in a data centre. It has a top clock speed of 2.0 GHz, compared to Xeon’s 3.0 GHz.


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