Monday, September 10, 2007

SanDisk launches 16GB video MP3 player

SanDisk is set to launch a slimline MP3 player with a flash memory capacity of 16GB. The SanDisk SansaView will play video, display photos and pick up FM radio stations. Its 16GB storage can be boosted to 24GB via an 8GB microSDHC (Secure Digital high capacity) removable memory card. Not uncoincidentally, SanDisk has just announced its 8GB microSDHC cards. The pencil-thin player is likely to compete directly with Apple's newly video-enabled nano.

While a 16GB or even 24GB MP3 player doesn’t sound that huge, given that the likes of Archos, Apple and Creative have players capable of storing 10 times this amount of data, the crucial fact is that the SanDisk SansaView is a flash memory device.


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