Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sony to unveil 4 new Blu-ray disc recorders

Continuing its push to install Blu-ray technology as the consumer favorite, Sony has announced it will launch four new models of its high-definition optical disc recorders in November in Japan.

Sony and Panasonic maker Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd promote the Blu-ray technology, which competes with the HD DVD format, backed by Toshiba Corp and Microsoft Corp.

The new models are able to store up to 16 hours of high-definition programs on a dual-layer, 50-gigabyte (GB) Blu-ray disc. Sony's previous models, launched last year, were unable to record on a dual-layer disc.

The top-end machine comes with a 500-GB hard disk drive and is expected to sell for about 200,000 yen (1,752 U.S. dollars), roughly in line with Toshiba's flagship HD DVD recorder.


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